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Candle Safety, Tips, & Tricks

The first time you burn your candle you want to burn it until it has melted all the way to the edges. It will normally take between 2 to 3 hours to melt all the way around, this will help in ensuring that you are able to burn your candle to the edges and prevent tunneling.  The next time you burn your candle it should automatically burn all the way to the edge within 30 minutes to an hour.


If there is a draft where your candle is burning, it will not melt correctly. The draft will make the candle burn faster on one side than the other. So make sure your candle is in a draft free area.


Our wicks do not contain lead, we use cotton wick, FDA zinc core wicks or wood wicks in all of our candles. There are lots of things to consider with choosing a wick, flame height; burn pool quality and scent throw produced. If you choose to buy candles that are produced in other countries from local stores, please be sure to ask if the candle contains lead wicks as their laws may not be as strict as ours in the USA.


Your wick should not smoke at all! If it does it needs to be trimmed. If you notice your jar becoming black, you are not trimming the wick enough. You should keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch or shorter at all times. We usually judge by lighting the wick, if it smokes blow it out and trim a little until it is no longer smoking. This also means if you burn the candle for 6 hours at a time you will need to blow it out and trim the wick occasionally. If your wick is left too long it will also melt the wax at a much faster rate and your candle will not last as long as it should.


Sometimes your wick will form a small black mushroom cap at the top of the wick as it burns. This is normal. Just be sure to trim it off before you light the candle each time.


When you blow your candle out it will smoke, to keep it from doing this, blow the wick out and then use a toothpick to dip the wick into the wax. But be sure to pull the wick back out of the wax or the wax will harden and you will not be able to light the wick the next time. If for some reason your wick should ever get stuck in the hardened wax, you can place the candle on its side and on a piece of card board. Take a blow dryer using heat and melt the top layer until you can reach the wick with a toothpick.


Please! Do NOT put your candles in the microwave!! Our wax has a flashpoint of 375 degrees and it will explode. Also the wick tab is made of metal which will also cause an explosion.  If you happen to have a little wax left in the bottom you can put the jar in the freezer and the wax will separate from the jar.


We are always striving to improve so we put a lot of time, research, quality ingredients into our candles and top them with a whole lot of love. Every candle is hand poured when you order, then we hand finish and inspect each one before we wrap it to ship. If it doesn't meet our standard, we will not sell it. While it's time consuming we feel it's important because our name goes on every candle we make and we want it to be the very best candle you can find anywhere.